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Drafting apparatus brief introduction
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In drafting apparatus, basically use 3 kinds of fan: Fan of type of centrifugal type fan, axis shedding (machine) , be linked together sheds fan.
Centrifugal type fan: Centrifugal type fan contains a lot of lamina, because this calls much lamina fan again, its lamina is secured toward the direction that go ahead, wind pressure is medium, space sending wind is large, wind force is larger. Because the lamina of this kind of fan faces ahead, its air current coefficient and baric coefficient fall in case of same and circumferential rate bigger than fan of other and centrifugal type, the opposite noise level that leaves it in constant air stream and leeway so is lower.

The axis sheds type fan: It is called again (airscrew type fan) , it is the impeller because of it (3~8 lamina) undertake blast according to axes direction. The wind pressure of fan of axial shedding type is lower than centrifugal type fan, but it can offer powerful air current. Accordingly, it is applied indoors air conditioning implement outside side (condenser side) because it discharges radiative amount big, need powerful breath. Of the outdoor aircrew of fission type air conditioning medicinal powder sirocco fan uses this kind of axis basically to shed type fan.

Be linked together sheds type fan: Be linked together sheds type fan to call type of tangential air current fan again, the impeller that faces ongoing direction of blade again and the crust place that move section air current only are comprised. The backset in fan of type of shedding of be linked together forms in impeller vortical, at the same time with this vortical be on the move for the center, down to air is arrived to give wind gap by bosomy waft from air inlet, fan of type of shedding of be linked together basically is in fission type air conditioning implement in indoor aircrew, because its character is the appearance through adjusting crust, no matter press straight or inverting right angle can conduct air current, and axial length also can choose to change arbitrarily with.

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