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Compressor of inclined disk type
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Compressor of inclined disk type is compressor of piston of a kind of axial, its job principle is shown 5 times like the graph, inclined the main part of dish of compressor is main shaft is mixed inclined board. Each cylinder is decorated for the center with compressor main shaft, the main shaft of piston movement way and compressor is parallel, so that the piston is in cylinder body,move. The piston makes geminate head piston, so axial 6 crocks, 3 crocks are in compressor forehead, additionally 3 crocks are in compressor is hind; So axial 10 crocks, 5 crocks are in compressor forehead, additionally 5 crocks are in compressor is hind. The two pistons of double head piston are in severally opposite cylinder (one before one hind) in slip, when the piston compresses refrigeration agent steam in advanced crock directly, another of the piston is in hind in the crock steam of inspiratory refrigeration agent, retrorse when mutual exchange. Each crocks all stock on any account enrages a powerful person, have canal of a high pressure additionally, use at antrum of join around high pressure. Inclined board secure together with compressor main shaft, inclined board brim outfit closes in the chamfer with mid piston, piston chamfer and inclined board the brim is together through bearing of steel ball bearing. When main shaft rotates, inclined board also as rotate, inclined board the brim drives a piston to make axial reciprocate. If inclined board rotational a week, two pistons achieve from beginning to end each compress, exhaust, expand, inspiratory a loop, be equivalent to two cylinder action. If be axial 6 crocks of compressor, cylinder body is sectional go up to distributing equably 3 cylinder and piston of 3 double heads, rotate when main shaft a week, be equivalent to the action of 6 cylinder.

18, thrust bearing Thrustbearing 19, inclined dish of Wobbleplate
20, Connectingrod of Oilfillplug 21 of oiling a place of strategic importance, connecting rod
22, Headhousing of Inlet&outletconnectors 23 of interface of pass in and out, brainpan
24, a powerful person piece spacing board Valveretainer 25, exhaust valve piece Displacingvalve
26, Valveplate 27 of board of a powerful person, inlet valve piece Suctionvalve
28, Fixedbevelgear of piston Piston 29, fixed bevel gear
30, the cylinder body Cylinderblock 31, planet that brings bevel gear dish Planetplatewithabevelgear
32, before Sealring of lid Fronthousing 33, sealing ring
34, Coil of bearing Beating 35, coil
36, much wedge belt takes Electromagneticclutch of clutch of round of Multi-wedgebeltpulley 37, electromagnetism
38, sucking disk Armatureplate
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