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Compressor of type of crankshaft connecting rod
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Compressor of type of crankshaft connecting rod is the refrigeration compressor with a kind of relatively wide application. The piston of compressor moves ceaselessly inside cylinder, changed the volume of cylinder, rose to compress in refrigeration system thereby with the action that carries refrigeration agent. The job of compressor, can divide to compress, exhaust, expand, inspiratory wait for 4 processes.
(1) reduce a process: The piston is in of crankshaft drive next is in inside cylinder to move, run the nadir inside the crock when the piston (issue one I of dead centre I) when, was full of inside cylinder make cryogen gas inspiratorily by evaporator. When the piston goes up again, inlet valve is shut, and because force of crock internal pressure is reduced and exhaust valve cannot support, accordingly, the piston goes up, the bulk inside the crock is contractible, namely cylinder job cubage changes ceaselessly, airtight the pressure of the refrigeration agent gas inside the crock and temperature are ceaseless and elevatory. Move up when the piston proper place (Ⅱ - Ⅱ , namely pressure of the gas inside the crock when the pressure of upside of exhaust valve of summary prep above, exhaust valve is opened, begin exhaust. Refrigeration agent gas lifts in the from taking energy of life low pressure inside cylinder the process of exhaust pressure is called reduce a process.

(2) exhaust process: The piston continues to move up, the pressure of refrigeration agent gas inside cylinder lifts no longer, output to vent-pipe through exhaust valve ceaselessly however, till the piston motion arrives top position (Ⅲ of top dead centre - Ⅲ ) when, exhaust process ends. The process that refrigeration agent gas outputs to vent-pipe from cylinder calls exhaust procedure.
(3) expands process: When the piston runs place of top dead centre, because the structure of compressor reachs the reason such as craft, certain clearance exists between piston coping and air valve base, the cubage that this clearance place forms calls clearance dimension. When exhaust process ends, because there is a certain quantity of high pressure gas inside this clearance, when the piston again when be issued to lower levels, exhaust valve already was shut, can take gas a powerful person and cannot open on the horse, the gas inside inspiratory canal cannot enter cylinder very quickly, because high-pressured gas of remain still needs to expand after cylinder cubage increases,this is, make its pressure drops to under inspiratory canal a bit to the pressure inside cylinder when the pressure inside, inlet valve ability is opened. The position that the piston moves to be opened to inlet valve downward from top dead centre (Ⅳ - Ⅳ ) , call expand process.
(4) inspiratory process: The piston continues be issued to lower levels, inlet valve is opened, gas of low-pressure refrigeration agent enrages canal and inlet valve to enter cylinder via sucking by evaporator ceaselessly, come till piston be issued to lower levels till next dead centre, this one process calls inspiratory procedure.
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