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Scroll piston compressor
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Scroll piston compressor is main comprise by piston of crankshaft, cylinder, scroll, exhaust valve, inspiratory mouth, blade and bedspring, if pursue,9 are shown. Cylinder is secured in bearing with between end board, 3 bedspring will blow a top to be on scroll piston. Electromagnetism clutch and the crankshaft that install scroll piston join. Prejudicial ground covers scroll piston to go up in crankshaft, drive by crankshaft prejudicial annulus circle inside cylinder rotate the center is rotational. In the meantime, scroll piston oneself circles brace to sell roll. Blade makes reciprocate inside blade chamfer, be used by bedspring master piece, blade carries the circle outside ministry and scroll piston to contact. Scroll piston compressor does not set inlet valve, set exhaust valve. Make the lube in cryogen be departed by oily segregator, in bottom ministry accumulation rises, rely on pressure difference to record each motion part again.

Roll following plan institute show the working principle of piston compressor.

Be in when scroll piston on graph (A) when the position, the surface inside the surface outside the piston and cylinder is formed January tooth form space (K of the cubage in the graph) , the air suction opening of classics of steam of low-pressure refrigeration agent that flows into from evaporator flows into this space (air chamber) . Right now, because low-pressure gas is inside this air chamber, exhaust valve is in close position.
Crankshaft continues to rotate, the piston slides in the surface inside cylinder. Be in when the piston on graph (B) when the position, blade, cylinder and piston become cylinder content integral two spaces. Blade is left the space that is interlinked with inspiratory mouth is low-pressure room (R) of the cubage in the graph, along with the piston rotational cubage increases ceaselessly, inspiratory gas. Cubage of blade other a side turns as a result of the piston and make cubage contractible (part of the shadow in the graph) , pressure is elevatory.
Scroll piston is located in on graph (C) when, left cubage R enlarges blade, inspiratory gas; And on the right side of cubage K continues to narrow, pressure is elevatory.
The piston is located in on graph (when D) , inspiratory cubage R expands, inspiratory more gas. In the meantime, compress antrum cubage to narrow and make pressure of the gas outside exhaust valve of aeriform pressure prep above, exhaust valve is opened, high-pressured gas emits into condenser from exhaust valve in.
Scroll piston compressor has quality small, bulk small, component little, efficiency tall, dependability is good and wait for an advantage at big batch production aptly. Compare with compressor of piston of move back and forth, 45% what quality is piston of move back and forth, bulk is 44% , spare parts number is 62% , 66% what power consumption is piston of move back and forth, but compare with piston of move back and forth, demand of its treatment precision is high, be in especially large its precision assures hard when changing. Additional, when high rotate speed and high-power, the vibration of one-cylinder compressor and wear away meeting subsequently aggravate.
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