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Car air conditioning uses condenser
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The condenser in system of refrigeration of car air conditioning is a kind of heat exchanger that rises by pipe and carbon fin combination. Its action is: Steam of cryogen of the high temperature of compressor eduction, will tall suppress undertakes cooling, make its condense to make cryogen liquid for high pressure.
Condenser of system of car air conditioning all uses structure of wind cold pattern, its condensation principle is: Make outside air compulsive pass the carbon fin of condenser, take away the quantity of heat of the refrigeration agent steam of high temperature, make become agent of liquid state refrigeration. Make the quantity of heat that cryogen steam place emits, by all round air is taken away, in discharging atmosphere.
The configuration of condenser of system of car air conditioning basically has be in charge of belt of a type, canal and eel piece type 3 kinds.
(1) provide a form it is by copper qualitative or aluminous simple round tube is covered on carbon fin composition, if pursue,11 are shown. Piece after be being assembled with the canal, be in charge of processing via bilging, make carbon fin and radiating tube are contacted cheek by jowl, make make condenser assembly. Structure of this kind of condenser is simpler, treatment is convenient, but medicinal powder hot effect is poorer. Use in commonly large and medium-sized on the refrigeration unit of the passenger car.

(2) is in charge of belt it is by poriferous flat tube and S form come loose to tropics solders and be become, if pursue,12 are shown. Those who be in charge of belt condenser medicinal powder hot effect is betterer than be in charge of a type condenser (general but tall 10% the left and right sides > , but technology is sophisticated, solder difficulty is great, and material demand is high. Use on the refrigeration unit of minicar commonly.
Provide belt condenser in kind

(3) eel piece type it is in flat many conduit surface direct acute gives eel piece shape carbon fin, assemble condenser next, if pursue,13 are shown. Because come loose,heat up eel piece it is a whole with pipe, consequently nonexistent contact thermal resistance, reason comes loose hot performance is good; Additional, canal, piece between need not solder complexly craft, processability is good, save stuff, and fight brace up the gender is particularly good also. So, it is current condenser of more advanced car air conditioning.

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