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Car air conditioning uses evaporator
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Evaporator and condenser are same, also be a kind of heat exchanger, also weigh condenser, it is the direct parts of an apparatus that air conditioning obtains in refrigeration loop. Its action is to will come from heating power to expand agent of refrigeration of the low temperature of a powerful person, low-pressure liquid state is in its conduit evaporate, make evaporator is mixed all round airy thermal drop is small. Rise to air at the same time reduce wet effect.
Following plan institute show the structure of evaporator and working principle. Enter agent of refrigeration of the low temperature inside evaporator tube bank, low-pressure liquid state, absorb through tube wall cross evaporator to conduct heat exterior airy quantity of heat, make drop in temperature. Meanwhile, because cool,the water that contains in air is divided and condense in evaporator surface, via collecting eduction, make air is decreased wet, be dropped in temperature, decrease wet the air after by air-blower insufflate car indoor, can make air conditioning is obtained inside the car. Accordingly, evaporator is the generation in refrigeration unit and the equipment that export air conditioning.