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Balance type heating power expands inside principle of job of a powerful person
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Expand a powerful person is had metric, adjust and control 3 big functions. Expand the pressure that the metric aperture of a powerful person can release refrigeration agent (control) by needle, make turn into by high pressure low pressure, be side of the low pressure inside refrigeration system only then dot. Expand a powerful person is self-adjusting the function of refrigeration agent discharge is the feeling that support bundle up exports pipe to go up in evaporator lukewarm bag will come true, following plan institute are shown.

Of a powerful person drive degree of decision at the position with located diaphragm, the position with located diaphragm decides the case getting power at diaphragm. Expand the power that place of the diaphragm when a powerful person is working gets has 3: Diaphragm upper part suffers inside feeling lukewarm bag the pressure Pf of saturated gas, lower part suffers the pressure Ps of the Pe of refrigeration agent pressure that guides by evaporator entrance and overheat bedspring. Be in balance position when 3 force, namely: When Pf=Pe Ps, valve is in some to leave degree, refrigeration agent discharge keeps certain. Different temperature can change action to be in the pressure Pf of diaphragm upper part, those who change valve leave degree, move abstemious cryogen discharge thereby. Do not turn when compressor when. The pressure of the below two side on diaphragm is equal, below bedspring action body of a powerful person shuts metric aperture, flow backwards in order to avoid refrigeration agent to compressor. After compressor runs, below the pressure of refrigeration agent, the active force of diaphragm lower part is reduced, metric Kong Kaiqi, refrigeration agent begins to circulate. When temperature changes, the pressure Pf of diaphragm upper part also changes subsequently, the pitch of metric Kong Kaiqi also produces corresponding change, achieve the goal that moves abstemious cryogen discharge thereby.
Expand the pressure bedspring of a powerful person, also can adjust artificially. Should expand the quantity giving fluid of a powerful person is little, the car is indoor when thermal drop does not come down, but through adjusting nut moves overheat spring some softer; Contrary, can move overheat spring some harder.