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Car air conditioning uses reservoir
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Fluid of lay aside of abbreviation of desiccator of lay aside fluid implement. Installation is mixed in condenser expand between a powerful person, if the graph is shown 1 times, its action is temporarily the agent of liquid state refrigeration that keep in storage pours out of from condenser, so that refrigeration bear is fluctuant,mix when there is small leakage in the system, can complement in time and adjust supply heating power to expand the dosage of liquid state refrigeration of a powerful person, mix in order to make sure what refrigeration agent flows is successive stability. In the meantime, can prevent keep in storage of overmuch agent of liquid state refrigeration to be in condenser, make of condenser conduct heat to the area decreases and make come loose thermal efficiency is reduced. And, still but filter removes the impurity in refrigeration agent, absorb the moisture in refrigeration agent, fill in in order to prevent dirty Du Hebing of refrigeration system pipeline, protective equipment component does not suffer erode, assure the regular job of refrigeration system thereby.

1. Woven hose Transfertube
2. Bedspring Spring
3. Capplatewithholes of poriferous cover board
4. Body of can without lid
5. Cup carapace (the bottom is poriferous) Cuppedshellwithholesatbottom
6. Desiccative Drier
7. Join is in charge of Connectingtube
8. Cross filter cloth Filtercloth
9. Glue fills up Rubbermat
10. Mesh Strainerscreen
11. Refrigeration agent fills the Chargingvalveforrefrigerant that note a powerful person
12. On any account presses power switch Low&highpressureswitch
13. Exit Outlet
14. Viewport Sightglass
15, Fusibleplug of Yi Rong a place of strategic importance
16, entrance Inlet
17, bracket Holder
The institute of plan of structural as above of desiccator of lay aside fluid is shown. It basically fills in to wait for composition with pipe fittings by the crust, lens that inspect fluid, safe frit. Its crust solders by rolled steel or drawing and into, wait of central straw, desiccative and screen pack in its interior. Refrigeration agent is in lay aside fluid implement condition of medium going from place to place is like place of the arrowhead in the graph to show. In lay aside fluid implement upside exit end inspects fluid looking glass of a glass, use at observing the flow condition when refrigeration agent is working, can judge refrigeration dosage from this appropriate, and the main job circumstance of refrigeration system. Lay aside fluid implement all install commonly be by condenser or the place with drafty other, this is to facilitate join is mixed installation, and the condition of going from place to place that inspects fluid lens easily to observe refrigeration agent from coping glass. To fluid of erect type lay aside implement, when installation, must perpendicular, gradient must not exceed 15° . Before installing desiccator of new lay aside fluid, must not premature nozzle of its pass in and out pack open, lest moist air invades lay aside fluid implement with systematic interior, the made action that loses dehumidify. Fluid of Hunan lay aside must make clear first before installation implement into, exit end, install a fault easily otherwise. In lay aside fluid implement end of imports and exports is hit commonly marked, if import end to use English letter IN, exit end expresses with OUT, or hit arrowhead to be entered in order to express directly, exit end. If enter, exit is received each other instead, can make refrigeration dosage insufficient, special attention answers when be being installed so.
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