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Electromagnetism clutch
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In be not system of refrigeration of air conditioning of independent type car, compressor is by car sustainer drive. To make air conditioning makes cold system leave, the work that stops not to affect engine, the main shaft of compressor is not with engine crankshaft is linked together directly, transfer power to compressor through electromagnetism clutch however. Electromagnetism clutch is a motivation between engine and compressor delivers an orgnaization, get air conditioning switch, lukewarm accuse implement, the control such as switch of air conditioning amplifier, pressure, put through when need or cut off the motivation between engine and compressor to deliver. Additional, when compressor overload, it still can have certain protective effect. Accordingly, through controlling the union of electromagnetism clutch and depart, can put through with disconnect compressor.

1, undee piece 2, decrease brace up bedspring 3, damp piece 4, spline axle sleeve 5, dish form bedspring 6, crankshaft 7 spacing rivet 8, chafe piece 9, platen 10, transmission metal strip 11, flywheel 12, flying teeth of a cogwheel is encircled 13, transmission is inputted
In system of refrigeration of car air conditioning, general installation is in electromagnetism clutch compressor front face, make the one part of compressor assembly. Electromagnetism clutch by leather belt annulus, the main part composition such as electromagnetism coil, pressure board. Clutch has two kinds of forms, a kind to rotate coil type, electromagnetism coil and leather belt annulus turn together; Another kind is fixed coil type, electromagnetism coil is not rotational, leather belt annulus is only rotational. Latter application is wider, the graph secures the working principle plan of clutch of coil type electromagnetism for a kind on. Electromagnetism coil secures the crust in compressor to go up. The main shaft photograph of pressure board and compressor joins. Leather belt annulus is passed complementary bear set go up in the axis, can turn freely.
When air conditioning switch puts through, electric current passes the electromagnetism coil of electromagnetism clutch, electromagnetism coil produces electromagnetism attraction, make the pressure of compressor board with leather belt annulus is united in wedlock, deliver the torque of engine compressor main shaft, make compressor main shaft rotates. Should disconnect when air conditioning switch, the attraction of electromagnetism coil disappears. Below bedspring action, pressure board is mixed leather belt annulus is broken away from, compressor quits the job.