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Accumulate implement- - (reduce expenditure provides a system)
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The canal that use opening is replaced expand when a powerful person, system of refrigeration of car air conditioning wants to be accumulated in low-pressure side installation implement. Accumulate implement the desiccator of lay aside fluid that is a kind of special form, the gas fluid in be being used at winding tracheal way is detached, its structure is shown 23 times like the graph. Mesh design has special demand, make lube be passed from which only, and do not allow agent of liquid state refrigeration to be passed from which. The car air conditioning that use aperture runs makes cold system, always put in a kind of possibility: When refrigeration agent leaves evaporator, still be a liquid. Make cryogen attaint compressor to prevent liquid state, must be exported in evaporator and install between compressor entrance accumulate implement, pass in order to avoid agent of liquid state refrigeration. Agent of liquid state refrigeration is being accumulated implement in evaporate, enter compressor with gaseous form next.