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Car electromagnetism by-pass valve
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Electromagnetism by-pass valve is multi-purpose the system of refrigeration of independent type air conditioning at big, medium-sized passenger car, its action is control evaporator evaporate pressure and evaporate temperature, because temperature passes,prevent evaporator low and frost. General installation is in electromagnetism by-pass valve between desiccator of lay aside fluid and compressor suction valve, if the graph is shown 27 times, its job principle is: The air cooling temperature that should have blown evaporator under set temperature when, control circuit makes open of electromagnetism by-pass valve, agent of refrigeration of liquid state of one part high pressure arrives at compressor through by-pass valve passageway inspiratory side, the interblend of refrigeration agent steam that comes out with evaporator closes, decreased to pass the refrigeration agent discharge of evaporator so, make evaporator evaporates pressure increases accordingly, also rose to evaporate consequently temperature, make evaporator is avoided at frost; Should evaporate temperature lifts when fair value, control circuit makes this a powerful person is shut again, the refrigeration agent that enters evaporator increases subsequently, evaporate temperature also is reduced. This one process circulates ceaselessly, evaporator temperature control is in formulary limits.