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Car drafting apparatus
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Car air conditioning makes the fan that cold system uses, it is to rely on the aeriform conveyer that electric machinery drives to fetters for the most part, it undertakes lesser pressure boost to air, the car that so that send place cold air,needs is indoor, or condenser the hot air all around plays a car outside, consequently fan is in system of air conditioning refrigeration is very important equipment.
Fan presses the correlation of its gas flow direction and fan main shaft, can divide shed type fan for centrifugal type fan and axis two kinds.
Fan of 1. centrifugal type
The air flow direction of centrifugal type fan and fan main shaft become right angle, its characteristic is wind pressure tall, wind force noise is small, little also. Evaporator uses this kind of fan, because wind pressure can blow cold air high the car indoor on body of every member that multiply, the member that make multiply has air cooling feeling. Noise is little a be design air conditioning main index, the car is indoor noise is little, the member that multiply will not feel unwell and premature exhaustion. As to wind force small, can consider to help somebody attain his aim when design, type selecting.
Centrifugal type fan is main by axis of electric machinery, fan (as coaxial as electric machinery) , the composition such as housing of fan lamina, fan, if pursue,25 are shown. Fan lamina has straight blade, before curved piece, hind curved piece wait for appearance, differ along with impeller blades appearance, the wind force that produces and leeway are different also.

2. axis sheds type fan
The axis sheds parallel of the air flow direction of type fan and fan main shaft, its characteristic is wind force big, leeway province of report of small, bad news, noise is big. Condenser uses this kind of fan, because of wind force can condenser the hot air all around is blown entirely. Province of bad news report is the car uses the demand with the most significant electric equipment, the axis sheds type wind function to satisfy this kind of requirement. Shed the defect of type fan as to the axis, be like wind pressure small, noise is big, not be big question to condenser, because condenser wants only, its the hot air all around is blown from can, do not ask will hot air is blown very far, wind pressure is so little do not affect condenser to work normally; Additional, installation is in condenser outside car room, so fan noise also does not affect a vehicle greatly inside.
Fan of axial shedding type is main wait for composition by lamina of axis of electric machinery, fan, fan, key, if pursue,26 are shown. Blade is fixed go up in framework, blade constant make it 3, 4, differ 5 pieces, blade framework is worn go up in electric machinery axis, drive by key rotate.
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