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Fluorine Lyons 12 (R12/CFC-12)
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Formal name 2 fluorine 2 chloric firedamp, code name R12 (CFC-12) . Original car air conditioning basically is refrigeration agent with R12. Fluorine Lyons has very good thermodynamic, physics, chemical, safety performance, be used extensively at industry of refrigeration air conditioning to regard refrigeration as agent, epispastic heat-insulating material. There also is extensive use in the respect such as agent of clear lotion, sparge.
R12 is a kind among them, have better heating power performance, condensing pressure is inferior, it is about commonly (0.8 ~ 1.2) MPa, use in car air conditioning, it is commonly (1 ~ 1.5) MPa.
R12 is a kind of colorless, refrigeration agent that does not have almost smelly, transparent, avirulent sex, but in the content in air (cubage chroma) what the person can arouse when more than 80 % is asphyxial.
R12 won't burn, also won't explode, when with bright fire contact or temperature achieve 400 ℃ above, can decompose a harmful to human body fluorine to change hydrogen, phosgene (COCl2) with chloridize hydrogen.
R12 is not had to the metal corrode action, the solubility of water is very small, and as temperature reduce, the solubility of water also heals small, when its water content spends a long time, hydracid of meeting generation bittern corrodes a metal.
R12 can be deliquescent a variety of organic matter, cannot use general rubber packing ring so, use chloroprene man-made balata or fourth nitrile balata normally as static seal.
R12 fluid physical ability and mineral lubricating oil dissolve each other with aleatoric scale, because this is mineral,lube will enter each shares of refrigeration system along with it.
R12 is application more extensive in lukewarm refrigeration agent, apply to medium or small refrigeration system.
R12 has to atmosphere ozonosphere destroy effect, ODP value is 1 (the biggest) , have the greenhouse effect that makes the whole world calefacient, GWP value is 3 the left and right sides, accordingly it is discussed by Montreal the book labels the first batch to ban with material. The developed country already was used at was being banned on January 1, 1996; Our country belongs to a developing country, can lengthen 10 years, had been in namely comprehensive 2006 taboo R12.