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Ammoniac common weighs ammonia, code name R717.
Ammonia has good heating power quality, it is easy to make, valence cheap is easy, it is one kind is applied to large and medium-sized refrigeration machine medium lukewarm refrigeration agent. It presses the evaporate temperature below force to be in standard air - 33.35 ℃ , applicable temperature limits is (- 30 ~ + 5) ℃ .
Ammonia gets critical temperature taller, vaporization latent heat is big, unit volume refrigerating capacity is large, coefficient of thermal conductivity is big, throttling loss is small.
Pure ammonia does not have bad influence to lube, but when containing moisture content, can reduce lubricant effect. Moisture is gotten to will corrode copper alloy of etc of zinc, copper, bronze in ammonia (phosphorous bronze except) , system of reason ammonia refrigeration cannot use copper pipe or copper alloy is made a powerful person, and must install grease segregator.
Ammoniac gas is colorless, have stimulate a stink strongly, be aware of easily when reason leak. Ammonia can stimulate a person to get eye and respirator official, cause weep, cough, make respiratory tract mucous membrane congests inflammation, have bigger noxiousness to human body. When the ammonia in air gas chroma is achieved (0.5 ~ 0.6) when % , person amid stays half hours to be met toxic. When the ammonia in air gas cubage chroma is achieved (16 ~ 25) when % , encounter bright fire to be able to cause explosion. Ammonia burns not easily below normal temperature, but heat 530 ℃ , decompose nitrogen and hydric. Mixture meeting produces the oxygen in hydrogen and air explosion. It is consequently in shipping, car and room air conditioning need not ammonia regards refrigeration as the agent.