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Fluorine Lyons 22 (R22/HCFC-22)
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Formal name 2 fluorine one chloric firedamp, code name R22 (HCFC-12) , room air conditioning and machine of not little big, medium-sized refrigeration use R22 to be refrigeration agent.
R22 does not burn, also do not explode, its noxiousness is more largish than R12. Although compare,in Shui Zhongrong solution is spent big in R12, but still can make refrigeration system produces “ ice to block ” phenomenon up.
R22 can dissolve partly each other with mineral lubricating oil, its solubility reachs temperature as lube ground sort and change, the refrigeration system that uses R22 so must take the step that answer oil.
R22 evaporates in what standard air pressure falls temperature is - 40.8 ℃ , the condensing pressure below normal temperature and ammoniac photograph are approximate, do not exceed 1.568MPa, unit volume refrigerating capacity and ammoniac similar, bigger than R12 60 % above, but fall in inferior temperature, its saturated steam pressure and unit volume refrigerating capacity are higher. Often apply at at present - the refrigeration system of 60 ℃ above.
The R22 destruction to atmosphere ozonosphere working is a few younger than R12, ODP value is 0.05, the 2nd batch when in belonging to Montreal protocol, set is banned to use material, stipulate the developed country wants complete taboo R22 to 2030.
Because the condensing pressure of R22 is higher than R12, to systematic pipeline (the conduit in including condenser fuse) compression demand is higher, general and unwell at be in high speed vibration the car below condition is used.

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