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The hydrocarbon makes cryogen
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Hydrocarbon refrigeration agent is natural refrigeration agent, have methane, ethane, propane, butane, ethylene, third rare etc. The advantage of these refrigeration agents is to do not have noxiousness completely, obtain easily, the price is low, freezing point is low. Main drawback is easy combustion and explosion, in slippery oil of can deliquescent Yu Run, make oily viscosity is reduced.
Among them propane (C3H8) , code name R290, make below normal temperature colorless dull gas, have combustibility, adiabatic index is 1.131, 377.3kJ/kg of aerification latent heat. The chroma of the propane in air is achieved (2.9 ~ 9.5) % (concentration percentage by volume is compared) or (43 ~ 175) G/m3 (quality) when can cause combustion and explosion, ignition point 470 ℃ . The boiling point below standard atmosphere - 42.12 ℃ , caky temperature - 187.1 ℃ , critical temperature 96.8 ℃ .
Original hydrocarbon basically is used at petro-chemical industry, because fluorine Lyons makes cryogen to atmosphere ozonosphere destroy a problem to make R134a replaced R12. But the issue that replaces existence to need not less to improve as a result of this kind, the price is more expensive also, europe put forward to change the natural refrigeration lotion that make with the course - propane (or different butane, or propane / different butane mixture) replace R12 and R22, the brand that matures quite among them is Cooleron.
Propane and R22 are on the function of a few kinds of important physics such as standard boiling point, caky temperature, critical temperature, critical pressure very adjacent. Compound of propane dispute polarity, consequently its compression it is good that function should compare R12, R22. The adiabatic index of propane is smaller than R22, as adjacent as R12. The aerification latent heat of propane is 1.84 times of R22, it is 2.49 times of R12, and the coefficient of thermal conductivity of propane is smaller than R12 much, molecular quantity compares R12 again small, it is consequently in whole refrigeration system, propane gets obstruction loss to want to compare R12 small much.
Propane and agent of other and natural refrigeration do not have harm action to environment euqally, ozone destroys potential to be worth (ODP) for 0, calefacient potential is worth the whole world (GWP) also be 0.
Propane is the biggest defect is to have combustibility, this is long-term since cannot get refrigeration agent winner to want an account as general industry or equipment of civil refrigeration air conditioning.