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Lube (refrigerator oil) overview
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Lube is gotten to call refrigerator oil normally in refrigeration compressor, abbreviation is refrigerant oil, main effect is having in compressing accident to go. The refrigerator oil in refrigeration compressor gets breed, norms and amount appropriate get refrigeration effect and compressor to get life to have great effect to the system.
The action of refrigerator oil:
1, have lubricant effect, the attrition that reduces compressor motion part wears away, prolong aircrew service life.
2, drop airframe temperature. Refrigerator oil circulates ceaselessly inside refrigeration compressor and refrigeration system, a large number of quantity of heat that because this can take away compressor,produce in working process, make machinery maintains inferior temperature, can carry high pressure to shrink thereby efficiency and use reliability.
3, have sealed effect. Refrigerator oil is sealed in each axis reach sealed effect has between air cylinder and piston, prevent refrigeration agent leak. Be in charge of the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am in join even, also be commonly on the combinative scale besmear of pipe fittings refrigerant oil, in order to raise the sealing that pipe fittings is in.
4, with the motive force that makes energy adjustment. To certain the refrigeration compressor that contains energy adjustment, the oil pressure that uses refrigerator oil regards energy as the motivation of adjustment. But be to use the difference that absorbs exhaust pressure to undertake discharging quantity adjustment normally on car air conditioning.