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The manage of refrigerator oil changes function target
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The manage of refrigerator oil changes function index to basically include viscosity and stick fluidity of lukewarm function, low temperature, flash point, moisture, water-solubility acid or alkaline, mechanical impurity, density and grey classify.
One, viscosity
Viscosity is a liquid when flow inside the measurement of attrition force. What viscosity value follows temperature is elevatory and reduce. The bulk of viscosity can express with all sorts of viscosity units, dynamical viscosity, motion viscosity and opposite viscosity wait. Viscosity of commonly used motion comes to refrigeration machine express. When expressing viscosity with which kinds of method without giving thought to, answer to point out temperature is worth at the same time, lose relative sense otherwise.
1, dynamical viscosity: It is certain to state the liquid is in when cutting stress indelicacy to move inside the measurement of attrition force, its value cuts shear stress to be compared with what cut rate to what add at liquid of going from place to place.
2, athletic viscosity: When expressing a liquid to be moved in gravitational action indelicacy inside of attrition force spend again, its are worth what issue liquid motivation viscosity and its density for identical temperature to compare.
3, conditional viscosity, or weigh opposite viscosity. The viscosity unit that measures according to different viscosimeter is different.
Divide above beyond 3 kinds of commonly used viscosity, flower, 2 countries of United States return viscosity of family name of commonly used thunder and viscosity of family name of a place of strategic importance. They represent a 50cm3(thunder family name) with family name of 60cm3(a place of strategic importance) lube, below the temperature of 100°F,
2, stick lukewarm function
Stick lukewarm function to point to change as temperature, the circumstance that oily viscosity changes, express with viscosity comparing or viscosity index commonly.
1, viscosity comparing. State oil is tasted stipulate in two the place below temperature is measured inferiorly of the athletic viscosity below the athletic viscosity below temperature and higher temperature than.
2, viscosity index. State oil tastes viscosity to change as temperature this characteristic an agreement value of a quantity. Viscosity index is high, the viscosity that states oil is tasted changes along with temperature lesser, it is good that i.e. sticks lukewarm function.
3, microtherm fluidity
The means that represents microtherm fluidity has condensation point (freezing point) , viscosity of pour point, cloud point, low temperature.
1, cloud point. It is to be below rated condition, clear liquid oil is tasted submit mist form as a result of the occurrence of candle crystal or cloudy the temperature when, express with ℃ . Make cryogen to R12, because refrigerator oil and R12 are complete deliquescent, the cloud point after mixing and simple refrigerator oil cloud point are different, the standard is made after when determining so, wanting to add the R12 of certain amount.
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