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5 of car air conditioning main essential factor
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Car air conditioning comprises by 5 element: Temperature, humidity, air current, cleanness is spent and radiation.
Adjust temperature
It is the main task of air conditioning.
The person feels the most comfortable temperature is 20 ~ 28 ℃ . Temperature exceeds 28 ℃ , what the person can become aware is hot and dry, temperature is higher, what become aware more is giddy, spirit does not rise centrally, thinking is slow, cause an accident easily; Exceed 40 ℃ , call harmful temperature, cause to the health of the body damage. Temperature under 14 ℃ , the person can feel “ cold ” .
Central heating equipment (car and medium or small the heat source that the car regards warm wind as with engine cooling water commonly; And the car of large passenger car or freezing area often uses independent type heater)
Refrigeration unit (compressor, evaporator, condenser, expand a powerful person)
Humidity adjustment function:
Average car did not adjust commonly the function of humidity;
Advanced car used syncretic of changes in temperature heat again type air conditioning implement, OK and right amount ground undertakes going to the air inside the car wet process. Rely on refrigeration equipment namely (evaporator ground refrigeration, go wet) in purify air contain wet amount absolutely, rely on heating equipment again (warm wind fuse warms up) reduce airy relative humidity. Eg: 1, season has sex in Xia Qiu, the humidity in the air when the dusk is bigger, can condense into mist on wind window, affect driver drive a vehicle, open thermantidote right now, can the partial humidity in purify air (as long as air refrigeration comes dew point temperature is the following, the vapor that can make be contained in air condenses into water, outside eduction car, can go wet) .
Problem: Add on the car wet it is more difficult, can rely on only drive window or ventilated establishment, outside relying on a car, new wind adjusts.
2, when winter heating, usable change new air door leaves degree will adjust the car is indoor relative humidity, also be actually outside relying on a car, new wind adjusts humidity.
Air velocity of flow adjusts function:
Airy velocity of flow and way are easy to human body sexual influence is very big.
The summer, air current speed is largish, be helpful for human body coming loose heat drops in temperature. Too big wind speed is blown to human body body directly, also can make the person feels sick.
Winter, wind speed became big can affect human body heat preservation, consequently winter warms oneself hope air current as far as possible a bit smaller.
According to characteristic of human body physiology, the head is right cold more sensitive, summertime air cooling blows ministry of in the end otherer than blowing the body position feels comfortable, have one's head screwed on the right way. And winter, crural ministry is more sensitive to heat, crural ministry is only warm, the whole body can feel comfortable.
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