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Technology of car air conditioning must develop way
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Car air conditioning basically is inBulk, Weight, Specific power consumptionReachAutomataThe respect had very great progress.
Car air-conditioner got development to experience dashboard of boot type → type of type → whole 3 phase.
Dashboard type: Call only wind gap type again.
Rectify form of characters or letters: Call an organic whole type again, it is to will warm fuse of two kinds of heat exchange puts wind and air conditioning together, operable air channel of a pass in and out and fan, manipulator compose, housing figure gets dimensional size to be designed technically according to every kinds of model, make a structure compact, cost is reduced, for temperature automatic fine tuning offerred a condition, but its versatility is poor.
Air-conditioner of big, medium-sized passenger car got dynamical source to experience leader drive → to assist drive of leader of engine drive → .
The development direction of air conditioning compressor is farther energy-saving (the power comsumption when basically reducing high speed, to alterable platoon the quantity develops) , continue to be in miniaturization, improve efficiency. Drop vibration and noise respect effort.
The development direction of component of car air conditioning:
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger (evaporator and condenser) material arrives from complete copper complete aluminium, structure from be in charge of a type to develop to tubal belt, evaporator is main to cascade type (board wing type) develop, condenser basically develops to type of multivariate and parallel flow. Because raised a wing piece medicinal powder hot area and hot exchange efficiency, decrease thin tube piece ply, increased the costal region inside pipe piece reach the measure such as film mouth, make heat exchanger dimension and weight are reduced substantially.
The car is used up with stuff of metal of air conditioning heat exchanger big, volume is large, of the effective space that function of its structure type, material and workmanship affect a car directly not only use, and the refrigeration performance that affects a system directly, medicinal powder heat and effect of absorption of heat.
Accordingly foreign car uses air conditioning heat exchanger (evaporator and condenser) basically be forward how aggrandizement heat exchange, reduce thermal resistance, raise heat exchange efficiency and reduce quality, contractible volume. Those who increase unit volume conduct heat the way of the area develops.
Evaporator is more before use tubal belt, now by main forward cascade type develops, to get used to the need that HFC134a system improves, appeared again extruding is in charge of evaporator.
Condenser is main forward way of parallel structure drifting type develops, go up in the foundation of this structure, improve its and store of the component such as fluid desiccator, subcooler match.
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