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The characteristic of car air conditioning
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The characteristic that car air conditioning uses, decided it is in structure, material, installation, decorate, the respect such as requirement of design, technology and common air conditioning have bigger distinction
The indoor work requirement of the car should be gotten badly than the room much,
Be like: The car is exposed directly fall in the sun or below wind snow, adiabatic measure is difficult;
The car is be expert at sail from time to tome a large number of sand blown by wind, waste gas gets railroad car from all sorts of aperture, cause railroad car be free to gas is polluted and increase thermic load;
The car gets travelling speed fantasticality, assure to be stabilized so that air conditioning operating mode waits a moment hard.
1, requirement refrigerating capacity is large, drop in temperature rapid.
1) density of the member that multiply inside railroad car is big, human body sends out quantity of heat is much, thermic load is big.
As the object of air conditioning, cubage of car vehicle room is narrow, personnel is concentrated, return fluidity sometimes bigger, performance of automobile body hot industry and sealed performance are poorer, its heat, wet negative charge is big, air current distributings hard even, the vehicle that requirement place provides wants with air-conditioner group refrigerating capacity big, can drop in temperature rapid.
2) the sun is incident thermic load is big, and railroad car heat insolation is difficult.
The temperature inside the car falls so that express area and indoor cubage in the sun at exposing surely definitely than and door window area and car room surface accumulate than.
3) the area is divided in our country greater part, summertime car stops for long in burning sun under, the temperature inside the car can rise to 50 ℃ above.
2, do not facilitate with electric power as dynamical source, must want to use car motor (abbreviation lead plane) or auxiliary motor (abbreviation subsidiary engine) will drive compressor.
On the processing of dynamical source, what car air conditioning wants difficulty than common room air conditioning is much, up to now, its compressor is not to rely on a sustainer to rely on to assist engine drive namely. This decided the car can use the structural type of open type only with air conditioning compressor, brought an axis to seal a requirement medicine of tall, refrigeration is easy the problem of leak.
High above in the sky moves compressor by car sustainer drive when, the change that its refrigeration ability follows speed and negative charge is bigger.
When the car slow fast travel or idle when fast condition, its refrigeration ability is lesser, maintain stable air conditioning operating mode hard, cannot work normally even.
3, in the system cold intermediary (refrigeration agent) discharge change range is big, the design is difficult.
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