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The sealed function of system of car air conditioning
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The vibration of car engine and car travel bump mediumly, the metropolis sealed function generation to air conditioning system is affected, after using environmental protection new class to pledge, actuating pressure of system of susceptive of sealed structure place wants a little bit big than CFC12 system commonly. Accordingly, improve the sealed performance of system of car air conditioning, to improving the sex of on the safe side that the system moves and economy, what show is particularly important. Improve a system the main measure of sealed function is as follows:
1) the axis of compressor seals the rod that uses much lip to seal a form.
2) the pressure release a powerful person that uses compressor replaces Yi Rong to fill in.
3) compressor airframe and air cylinder body undertake after treatment macerate is handled.
4) the join of pipe and compressor is used fast board type join replaces threaded coupling.
5) place of all strong link should use join of O sealing ring to replace horn mouth join.
6) join tube is used take nylon liner compound glue canal replaces balata tube.
7) use advanced welder art, rise solder quality, strengthen to soldering sex of the air-tightness of goods, compression is mixed the experiment of corrosion resistance and examination.