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Use motor the system of car air conditioning of more than heat
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When car engine works,
With the meritorious service that exports at motivation, stick fuel flaming total caloric only commonly 42 % of 30 % ~ (diesel engine) or 30 % of 20 % ~ (gasoline engine) .
In order to waste the energy outside car of hot form eduction, the 70 % of 58 % ~ that take combustion total energy (diesel engine) or 75 % of 70 % ~ (gasoline engine) , basically include the quantity of heat that the quantity of heat that circular cooling water takes away and tail gas take away.
The characteristic with exhaust hot beyond is temperature tall, the 45 % of 25 % ~ that the quantity of heat that it takes away occupies combustion gross (diesel engine) or 40 % of 30 % ~ (gasoline engine) , this quantity of heat and comparative roughly as dynamic energy. Engine exhaust temperature is 450 ~ commonly 550 ℃ , considering waste gas the dew point of medium acidity oxide corrodes a problem, the tail gas temperature outside system of final eduction car not under 180 ℃ . Consequently, the useless quantity of heat that can use finally, the 16 % that measure to burn commonly are controlled. If take out this energy, use at the drive heat source of system of car air conditioning, OK and contented people is comfortable to the car sexual requirement, can improve the economy of the car below certain condition again, enhance its competition ability.