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The concept of system of car air conditioning
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Air conditioning is the abbreviation of air conditioner, its action is right indoor air undertakes modulatory, make airy temperature, humidity, velocity of flow and clean spend the comfortable range that reachs need of human body place completely.
(one) the function of car air conditioning evaluates index:
1, temperature index: Temperature index is a the mainest index. The person feels the most comfortable temperature is 20-28C° , exceed 28C° , the person can feel hot and dry. Exceed 40C° , it is harmful temperature namely, can cause to human body health damage. Under 14C° , the person can feel “ cold ” . Drop when temperature when 0C° , can cause frostbite. Accordingly, air conditioning should control summer of the temperature inside the car to be in 25C° , be in in the winter 18C° , in order to make sure the driver is operated normally, prevent to produce an accident, the member that assure to multiply travels below comfortable state.
2, humidity index: The index of humidity expresses with relative humidity. Because the person feels,the most comfortable relative humidity is in 50%-70% , so the humidity parameter of car air conditioning asks control is inside this limits.
3, airy is pure and fresh degree: Because the space inside the car is little, density of the member that multiply is big, extremely easy inside airtight space generation is anoxic pass with carbon dioxide chroma tall. The dust on the carbon monoxide in car engine waste gas and road, field and poisonous pollen enters railroad car easily inside, create the air inside the car muddy, the member that the influence adds an adult is healthy. Such car air conditioning must have the function that has filtering to the air inside the car, spend in order to make sure the airy inside the car is pure and fresh.
4, defrost function: As a result of sometimes temperature of car inside and outside differs too big, can appear on glass mist type frost, affect the driver's line of vision, so car air conditioning must by defrost function.
5, the operation is simple, easy, stable: Car air conditioning must achieve the labor strength that does not increase a driver, what do not affect a driver is normal drive.
(2) system of car air conditioning is ceaseless and perfect as the development of electronic technology and car technology, its develop a process to be able to generalize for the following 5 phase:
1, onefold warm wind system, use the method that the room warms oneself namely. Appeared in the United States above all 1925 the method that uses car cooling fluid to pass heater warms oneself. Develop to have the heat addition system with heater, air-blower and air filter wholer geometric ratio to 1927. Be in upper zone of cold boreal Europe, Asia, still use at present onefold warm wind system.
2, onefold refrigeration system. 1939, restrain a company by handkerchief of American general motors (the air conditioning system that PACKARD) installs mechanical refrigeration to drop in temperature on the car above all, become the pioneer of system of car air conditioning. Be in intertropical, semi-tropical area, still use onefold refrigeration system at present.
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