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Car air conditioning makes the working principle of cold system
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System of refrigeration of car air conditioning by desiccator of fluid of compressor, condenser, lay aside, expand the composition such as a powerful person, evaporator and air-blower. If the graph is shown 1 times, copper pipe is used between each component (or aluminous canal) with high-pressured balata tubal join becomes an airtight system. When refrigeration system works, refrigeration remembers different position to flow circularly inside this airtight system, every loop 4 basic courses:

1, reduce a process: The low temperature of inspiratory evaporator exit touchs compressor the refrigeration agent gas that press, the gas that compresses it into high temperature high pressure eliminates compressor.
2, radiative process: The gas of overheat refrigeration agent of high temperature high pressure enters condenser, reduce as a result of what pressure reachs temperature, condensation of refrigeration agent gas becomes a liquid, emit much heat.
3, reduce expenditure process: The refrigeration agent liquid with temperature and higher pressure through expanding the bulk after device greatens, pressure and temperature drop quickly, with mist shape (petty droplet) eliminate to expand device.
4, process of absorption of heat: Liquid of agent of mist shape refrigeration enters evaporator, because refrigeration agent boiling point is right now far under the temperature inside evaporator, liquid of reason refrigeration agent evaporates gas. Evaporating the quantity of heat all round is absorbed in great quantities in the process, after that the refrigeration agent steam of microtherm low pressure enters compressor again.
Of afore-mentioned process go round and round undertake going down, can achieve the goal that reduces evaporator ambient air temperature.