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Car air conditioning makes the classification of cold system
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Cent of system of refrigeration of car air conditioning is two kinds, one kind is to expand system of a powerful person, another kind is aperture canal system, if pursue,2 are shown. Their difference is uses reduce expenditure expands the structure of device is different, the installation position of desiccator of lay aside fluid is different. Car air conditioning expands the feature of system of a powerful person is: Want a driver only one actuate air conditioning, electromagnetism clutch always is clench the teeth, never disconnect, compressor is in moving condition from beginning to end, rely on inspiratory throttle or rely on absolutely pressure valve to control evaporator temperature in 0 ℃ to control. And the feature of aperture canal system is: Electromagnetism clutch from time to time is united in wedlock, from time to time disconnects, compressor basis car is indoor, outside temperature from time to time moves, from time to time stops to move, because this also calls circular clutch the system. Circular clutch system also has use expand of a powerful person, but just serve as a kind of throttle unit just. Expand system of a powerful person also calls traditional air conditioning the system.