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Car air conditioning uses compressor to classify
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Refrigeration compressor is the heart of system of refrigeration of car air conditioning, its action is to maintain the refrigeration agent loop in refrigeration system, steam of agent of inspiratory the low temperature that comes from evaporator, low-pressure refrigeration, compress refrigeration agent steam to make its pressure and temperature elevatory, send refrigeration agent steam toward condenser. Compressor is the boundary of the low pressure in refrigeration system and high pressure, low temperature and high temperature.
The compressor that uses at car refrigeration system can divide by motile type for:
Piston of move back and forth: Type of crankshaft connecting rod, radial piston, axial piston (become warped board type, inclined board type)
Rotate type: Xie Shi coming back (round travel cylinder, elliptic air cylinder) , rotor type (type of rotor of scroll piston, triangle) , screw type, vortex type