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Car air conditioning tries proved recipe way a few kinds
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One, 4 balls law
It is rotational ball pins 3 fixed balls, the machine of 4 balls experiment that dip is its feature in the movement in sample determines lubricant extremely press the experiment method with abrasiveness.
2, Falex wear and tear experiments
Be in V place on form piece rotate annul, determine in different lube, steel sells the experiment method of wear out condition. Experiment standard sees ASTM - 2670.
3, compressor of car air conditioning experiments (oily screening test)
Use compressor of car air conditioning to undertake wearing away experimenting, in order to differentiate the applicability of refrigerator oil base oil, it is to use compressor of car air conditioning, in stable low rotate speed (600r/mim) enrage pressure with tall platoon (30kg/cm2) next athletic 200h, wear away in order to accelerate, determine the metal in oil worries bits situation.
The experiment operating mode of compressor is:
Discharge baric force: 30kg/cm2;
Inlet pressure: 6 Kg/cm2;
Discharge air temperature: 82 ℃ ;
Compressor rotate speed: 600r/min;
Experiment time: 200h.
4, Ashrae97 high temperature is sealed the canal experiments
Blend lube and refrigeration lotion park by certain proportion inside special vitreous canal, put the test specimen such as copper, steel, aluminium, sealed high temperature (for example 175 ℃ ) deposit proper time (for example 14d) , observation oil and the photograph dissolve sex that make cryogen (whether to have 2 detached appearances) the influence that reachs pair of metals (have deny copper facing appearance) .