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Steam compresses type refrigeration principle
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Steam compresses type refrigeration is to use absorption of heat of vaporization of agent of liquid state refrigeration to produce cold effect. Low pressure (microtherm) liquid refrigeration agent is entered use evaporator of the airy inside cooling car, be in constant pressure next vaporization. Because make cryogen the temperature when the vaporization inside the canal under temperature of the airy outside the canal, because this can absorb the quantity of heat in air automatically, make air temperature is reduced, produce cold effect. Make vaporization of cryogen absorption of heat, turn microtherm into low-pressure steam by the liquid. , be compressed by compressor pump next, turn high pressure of high temperature of the airy inside car of temperature prep above into gas, make its can be released the air inside the car automatically inside condenser, thereby condensation makes cryogen into high-pressured ground liquid. Pass throttle finally, renew low pressure (microtherm) ground liquid condition, so that enter evaporator vaporization absorption of heat afresh, finished loop of a refrigeration so. Foundation of system of this kind of refrigeration this equipment is compressor, condenser, throttle (use the ground actually to heating power expands a powerful person and H expand a powerful person) with evaporator 4 big. Practically refrigeration unit still has a few to assist equipment and automata appearance, at improving plant with benefit athletic ground economy is mixed dependability.
This shows, type refrigeration unit is reduced in steam in, refrigeration agent is versed in quality of a material wants to rely on compressor not only circularly, and should rely on itself to be below inferior temperature can vaporization absorption of heat, and fall in fair land pressure can condensation is radiative the ground is characteristic.
Refrigeration unit is having Leng Yuan's effect in car air conditioning.
Steam compresses the refrigeration agent with type refrigeration current and commonly used unit to have R12, fluorine Lyons 22 (R22) , Lyons of R134a, fluorine 502 (R502) with ammonia (R717) . At present commonly used refrigeration agent is R134a.