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Make the fundamental condition parameter of cryogen
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Any material have gaseous, liquid state and solid state 3 kinds of condition.
The element of gaseous material is in irregular motion in, density is lesser, there is certain space between the element, can compress, can fill any appearance ground spaces equably again.
The element of liquid state material each other are more concentrated, basically belong to incompressible, but the tendency that has flow.
In-house element forms solid matter to be decorated regularly, the vibration on the crystal lattice node with can be in certain only.
3 condition of material, can change each other below certain condition. For example, after the glacial classics of solid heats, can turn a liquid into water, vapor can become after liquid water is heated, the change of condition of this kind of market is called change. Material is in condition of market of avery kind of, can put in different position again, for example the water that the water of 90 ℃ is the same as 40 ℃ is water of two kinds of different position. Corporeal condition can be described with condition parameter. Fundamental condition parameter of material has temperature, pressure, specific volume to wait.
One, temperature:
Temperature is the measurement of degree of corporeal cold heat. Ministry element random heats up athletic degree inside material of its size report, it is one of fundamental condition parameter that can measure. The mensurable mark of temperature discretion is measured with the thermometer. Thermometric thermometric scale has centigrade thermometric scale and Kelvin commonly usedly, express with symbolic T, T respectively.
The unit of centigrade thermometric scale is ℃ .
The unit of Kelvin is K, it be the same as the relation between centigrade thermometric scale is: + of 273.15≈t of + of T = T 273 (K) .
2, pressure:
Susceptive of the place on unit area is perpendicular active force calls pressure, intensity of pressure is called on physics. Because many aeriform element moves ceaselessly,the pressure that gas generates to place of container cliff face is, with the result that container cliff face collides. Molecular motion heals acuteness, pressure heals tall; Conversely low.
Pressure also is one of basic parameter that corporeal status can measure.
1, pressure unit:
On the project, pressure unit is commonly used Kgf/cm2, call technical atmosphere (At) . On physics, on the sea level of will latitudinal 45° all the year round average atmospheric pressure calls standard atmosphere (Atm) .
Pressure also can serve as unit of measurement with fluid column height. When test liquid uses water or mercury, the liquid height with usable and corresponding pressure expresses, for example rice water column (M H2O) , millimeter water column (Mm H2O) , millimeter mercuric column (Mm Hg) .
1 (M H2O) = 1000 (Mm H2O) = 1000 Kgf/cm2;
13.6kgf/cm of = of 1 Mm Hg2;
In international unit (SI) , the unit of pressure is Pa, 1Pa = 1N/m
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