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PS- hard glue - polystyrene
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Abbreviation PS
Common weighs hard glue, common hard glue
Formal name polystyrene
English name General Purpose Polystyrene
Monomer styrene---By oil complex a kind of colorless liquid
Specific gravity: 1.05 is overcome / cubic centimeter
Shape shrinkage: 0.6-0.8%
Shape temperature: 170-250 ℃
Dry condition: ---
Ecru polystyrene instinctive quality is a kind of transparent copy glassy material, firm hard and fragile, when beating, give out the sound of the “ dingdong ” like the metal, noise is ringing, common calls “ noisy glue ” . Avirulent, insipidity. The product that pure PS produces, drop go up, after giving out ringing noise, with respect to the disintegrate on meeting horse.
Stock performance insulating property (especially high frequency insulating properties) admirable, colorless and transparent, light transmittance is next to organic glass, chromatic sex is able to bear or endure ability in swimming, chemical stability is good, . Strength is general, but qualitative fragile, easy generation stress is fragile crack, do not be able to bear or endure benzene. The organic dissolvent such as benzine. Comfortable be isolated from at making transparent. Garnish reachs chemical instrument. The spare parts such as telescope.
Shape function
1.Amorphous makings, moisture absorption is small, do not need sufficient and dry, decompose not easily, but hot coefficient of expansion is big, easy generation internal stress. Liquidity is better, usable screw or machine of inject of force plunger type shape.
2.Appropriate uses tall material lukewarm, high standard is lukewarm, small injection pressure, lengthen inject time to be helpful for reducing internal stress, prevent shrinkage cavity. Be out of shape.
3.Usable multiform runner, runner and model circular arc join, model of the attaint when lest go,be in runner. Rake of drawing of patterns is big, the top goes out even. Model the wall is large even, had better not take mold insert, if have mold insert,answer warm-up.
Because the liquidity of PS is good, decompose temperature tall, and the proportion of melt is stable, it becomes the machine that note model to determine the index sex parameter that model changes efficiency. The machine noting model of world each country all uses PS demarcate to note the size of model machine.
Combustion feature is combustible, after leaving anger, can continue to burn, the end on blaze shows golden scene, bate of the meeting when combustion is bubbly, without the liquid drippy, give out smother black column, in the meantime, the “ that gives out styrene monomer is sweet fragrance ” flavour.
Polystyrene is able to bear or endure soda acid and feebleminded alcohol, get a lot of hydrocarbon kind, ketone, advanced and adipose fat erode and bate, hydrocarbon of dissolve Yu Fang.
Insulating property is admirable, it is a kind of good high frequency insulating material, have admirable and electric arc sex.
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