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PVC plasticizer
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PVC plasticizer
1 preface
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) it is the plastic breed with domestic management most treatment. In all sorts of auxiliary that when machining PVC, use, plasticizer dosage is the biggest, so, auxiliary of its investment outclass other, exceed investment of resinous of pvc of main raw material in recipe of a few weaker data even. Below the situation that stresses economic benefits and product quality at present, the use that considers to discuss plasticizer has its huge economy and social sense.
Of 2 plasticizer choose
Polyvinyl chloride is polymer of a kind of strong polarity, there is very large active force between the element, need to heat to just can show plasticity to constant temperature. It is extremely sensitive to heat, should heat begin to happen to be decomposed badly when 140 ℃ of 130 ~ , become brown or black. Because the powerful active force between the element makes,goods becomes hard and lack flexibility and flexibility. The action of plasticizer depends on weakening the active force between PVC element, drop bate temperature thereby, reduce the viscosity of dissolve body, add its liquidity, improve the processes function and product flexibility of PVC.
Plasticizer is difficult normally ester of volatilization high boiling point kind, minority is solid of low melting point, they are general not with polymer (PVC) produce chemical reaction. The classified method of plasticizer is differ, commonly used taxonomy is a basis quantity of function of chemical structure, application, element, add means, dissolvability, consistence and noxiousness to wait will classify. The use condition of plasticizer is have price of good; of Xiang Rong sex with colophony it is good that cheap; adds model efficiency tall; to add wear of model speed fast; (volatile low, ease moves the gender is small, be able to bear or endure take out a gender tall) ; environment stability is good (be able to bear or endure smooth, heat-resisting, be able to bear or endure bacterium, be able to bear or endure chemical and anti-flammability are good) ; wholesome sex is good (avirulent to person, cultivate and crop, not pollution, insipidity) stability of viscosity of good; of; insulating property is good. But can contented without a kind of plasticizer place is conditional, when be being used actually, majority is by two plant or a variety of use, in order to learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness, obtain first-rate to add model effect to achieve perfect performance demand. Of plasticizer choose in a recipe, should making all function of goods reach optimal value is impossible, accordingly, when choosing plasticizer, should make sure main function asks above all.
The demand that for instance children toy reachs food packing to wait is main function is avirulent, exterior quality is beautiful requirement of; farming film is harmless to crop, be able to bear or endure; of smooth, heat-resisting and the main demand that wire cable expects is insulating property good etc, outside asking except these, of plasticizer choose still should emphasize a consideration the following the element of 5 respects, namely the cost of treatment adaptability; of the function; plasticizer that the place of goods of; of function of resinous of function; PVC of plasticizer itself asks.
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