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PP is plastic (polypropylene)
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English name: POlypropylene
) of TALC(French chalk, GLAS (Bo fine)  
Specific gravity: 0.9-0.91 is overcome / cubic centimeter
Shape shrinkage: 1.0-2.5%
Shape temperature: 160-220 ℃
Dry condition: ---
Stock performance
Density is small, intensity stiffness, hardness hear resistance all polyethylene of excel low pressure, can use in 100 degrees or so. Have good electric performance and high frequency insulating properties not to suffer humidity effect, but become fragile when microtherm, do not be able to bear or endure modular easy ageing.
Comfortable at making general and mechanical part, anti-corrosive spare parts and insulation spare parts
Shape function
1. crystallization expects, hygroscopic small, easy happening burst of body of be in harmony, decompose as easily as hot metal contact for a long time.
2. liquidity is good, but contractive limits and contractive value are great, easy happening shrinkage cavity. Dent, be out of shape.
3. cooling rate is rapid, gating system reachs cooling system to answer slow medicinal powder hot, notice control shapes temperature. Expect lukewarm small way is directional apparent. When microtherm high pressure especially apparent, mould temperature under 50 degrees when, model not smooth, easy generation frit is received undesirable, leave mark, 90 degrees of above are easy produce warpage
Thick beard of 4. plastic wall is even, avoid light blanks, pointed horn, in case stress concentration.