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PVC - polyethylene material
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PVC material is a kind of plastic adornment material, it is the abbreviation of polyvinyl chloride material, PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride, abbreviation PVC) colophony is by chloric ethylene monomer (Vinyl Chloride Monomer, abbreviation VCM) aggregate and those who become is thermoplastic high polymer. It is with polyvinyl chloride colophony is main raw material, join fight ageing agent right amountly, change an agent to wait, via mixing refine, pressure delay, the material that vacuum attracts the technology such as model and becomes.
PVC belongs to amorphous polymer, contain crystallization to spend 5%- - the microcrystalline body of 10% (melting point 175 degrees) . The molecular quantity of PVC, crystallization is spent, the physics such as softening point can follow aggregate reaction condition (temperature) and change. It is with PVC colophony base makings, reach with stabilizing agent, plasticizer, filling, colorant change a variety of auxiliary such as the agent to mix classics model to change, processing and into PVC colophony plastic.
PVC material is had light qualitative, adiabatic, heat preservation, moistureproof, flame retardant, construction is handy wait for a characteristic. Norms, colour, design is various, extremely rich adornment, be applied extensively in production and life. Window of plastic door of conduit of for example PVC, PVC, and the plastic toy that contains PVC, wire cable. Because it forms a harm to human body, the country such as Han of Europe, day is opposite in succession the product that is raw material with PVC tries to restrict.
Plastic products highlights general PVC colophony the advantage is flame retardant, wear-resisting, fight chemistry to corrode, aeriform steam low leakage is good. In addition integrated mechanical energy, goods it may not be a bad idea of shake of insulation of transparent, report, adiabatic, noise elimination, disappear, be can the price expects than most advantageous general profile. Blemish is hot stabilize and fight concussion poorer, easy generation is fragile in no matter be hard soft still qualitative PVC,using a process.

General PVC is contained be not allowed to use by national relative standard 2 (2 — second base personal radical) oneself 2 acerbity ester (DEHA) plasticizer, DEHA is when high temperature (more than 100 Celsius) release easily, the harm after contacting human body is healthy. Because PVC is a kind hard plastic, want to become it soft, must want to join a large number of plasticizer, plasticizer is released easily below heating environment. If use, is DEHA, it can disturb human body endocrine, cause woman breast cancer, new life number of congenital blemish, male sperm decreases, even mental disease.