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ABS is plastic
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Chemical name: Propylene nitrile - butadiene - styrene copolymer
English name: ACrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Specific gravity: 1.05 is overcome / cubic centimeter shape shrinkage: 0.4-0.7%
Shape temperature: 200-240 ℃ dry condition: 80-90 ℃ 2 hours
1, integral performance is better, impact strength is higher, chemical stability, electric performance is good.
2, receive a gender with the frit of 372 organic glass good, make geminate color model, and but exterior plating is chromic, spray paint processing.
3, have Gao Kangchong, tall heat-resisting, flame retardant, increase, transparent grade is fastened.
4, fluidity compares HIPS all but, had waited than PMMA, PC, flexibility is good.
Utility: Comfortable at making general and mechanical part, decrease grind wear-resisting spare parts, transmission spare parts and telecommunications spare parts.
Shape characteristic:
1. amorphous makings, fluidity is medium, moisture absorption is big, must sufficient and dry, the model of exterior requirement burnish the beard is long dry 80-90 spends warm-up, 3 hours.
2. appropriate takes expensive stuff lukewarm, high standard is lukewarm, but makings is lukewarm exorbitant easy decompose (decompose temperature to be > 270 degrees of) . Taller to precision model, modular Wen Yi takes 50-60 to spend, to Gao Guangze. Heat-resisting model, modular Wen Yi takes 60-80 to spend.
3, if need to solve the grain that place water, need to increase the liquidity of material, take expensive stuff high standard is lukewarm, lukewarm, perhaps change the method such as water level.
4, be like figuration heat-resisting class or flame retardant course material, surface of the mould after producing 3-7 day is met remaining is plastic resolve matter, bring about mould surface to shine, need to undertake in time to the mould clearing, at the same time mould surface needs to increase discharge point