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What are PU and PVC after all
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Average person can be like the synthetic leather beyond derma: A general designation of change of PVC, PU is leatheroid or copy skin. PVC, PU is polyvinyl chloride (plastic a medium kind) , but the workmanship of these two kinds of products is endless however and identical.
PVC change wants to heat up plastic grain frit agitate to become first in production process mushy, by formulary ply even besmear Fu is by T/C knitting cloth base on, in entering epispastic furnace next, undertake epispastic, make its are had can get used to the pliability that produces all sorts of different products, diverse demand, be in a furnace while undertake finishing (coloring, pressure grain, burnish, disappear light, wear a face cottony etc, basically be according to particular product asks to undertake) .
PU change wants than PVC change on workmanship a few more complex, because the base fabric of PU is the canvas PU stuff with good tensile strength, besides can besmear Fu is in of base fabric above outside, still can include base fabric the inter, made exterior views the presence that is less than base fabric. It is good that the physical function of PU change should compare PVC change, be able to bear or endure labyrinthian, pliability good, tensile strength is great, have permeability (PVC is not had) . The figure of PVC change is become through the hot pressing of decorative pattern roller of steeliness; The decorative pattern of PU change is to use paper of a kind of decorative pattern to be heated up first stick press in surface of semi-manufactured goods change, the depart paper change undertakes again after awaiting refrigeration to come down, do finishing. The price of PU change compares PVC change want one times taller above, the price of the PU change of certain and special requirement should want tall 2—3 than PVC change times. The decorative pattern paper that place of general PU change needs can use 4—5 only second accuse namely discard as useless; The use cycle of decorative pattern roller is long, it is because of what the cost of this PU change compares PVC change tall.
The suitable scope of these two kinds of material also has certain distinction. In the shoe kind respect, PVC change is multi-purpose be in li of makings or blame bear the place of weight, or it is production children's footwear; PU change can apply to a shoe kind fabrics or bear the place of weight. Including bag of field, applicable comparison is much is PVC change. Because wrap bag of medium article to be different from,this is wear the foot in shoe lining, won't send out steam; Need not bear the individual's weight.
The discriminative way of PU, PVC is easier, the base fabric that sees PU from edge horn should compare PVC thick a lot of, feel respect also has distinction, the feel of PU is a few softer; The feel of PVC is a few better; Also can be burned with fire, the flavour of PU wants than the flavour of PVC a lot of weaker.

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