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Assist fences will build vortex compressor project to reduce air conditioning oi
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Car an air conditioning, oily cost raises many. Reporter yesterday all, assist in relief area is about to cast the car that build to use project of compressor of air conditioning vortex, hopeful lets car air conditioning reduce oily cost considerably.

According to introducing, this kind of new-style compressor is the inspiration that finds from inside trumpet shell. It turned the cylinder body of straight canister form of vintage compressor into trumpet shell state, let air be compressed through 4 inside, produce power again. After car air conditioning uses this kind of new-style compressor, oily bad news of every 100 kilometers only 0.75 litres, more managing than vintage compressor 2.25 litres. In the meantime, its are main the 1/10 that component is piston compressor only, bulk was reduced 40% , weight became light 15% .

Assist limited company of technology of compressor of vortex of Fan Fuhua far car will invest 70.8 million dollar, in assist this world the area covers an area of 400 mus to build a plant, to the end of June 2008, can produce per year 300 thousand; To the end of 2013, can produce per year 1 million.