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Burning hot summer adjusts with car sky opportunely oil is cooler
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The car opens summer after air conditioning, regular meeting appears the circumstance with difficulty climbing slope, plangent engine. This is engine power slants commonly small or equipment ageing causes. After opening air conditioning, engine bear is aggravating, loss aggravate, cause spontaneous combustion even. But must open air conditioning again in Wuhan summer, so how should we do?

Generally speaking, before opening air conditioning, had better come to whole system " check-up " . Be in above all engine respect, if itself motivation is bad, air conditioning is about to be used less as far as possible, learn to be used opportunely; If be function index,drop, can do for engine in early days maintain in the round, make its make sure normal power is outputted.

Protecting the premise that cures air conditioning to fall, notice the function that adjusts good engine and air conditioning is changed even. If use proper, the temperature of empty v one's intention revealed in saying can drop naturally 2 go to 5 degrees, still can reduce the attrition resistance of air conditioning compressor in addition, reduce its 15% - the load of 23 % . Not only such, still can prolong air conditioning service life so, eliminate wear away the abnormal knocking of compressor, managing the fuel that 10 % control.