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Summerly angel has the reopen after hang car starts dichotomy clock with air con
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Ask: Air conditioning used paragraph of time, always smell the flavour that mildew changes, how to return a responsibility?

Answer: Because air conditioning uses the refrigeration agent of environmental protection now, a few flavour can arise after contacting air. And there also is mildew to change after average car uses 9 years. Car advocate can use air conditioning deodorant, it is OK to be blown to giving blast tuyere to blow.

Ask: The car stuck film, installed cool mat, but still be very hot inside the car. How to drop in temperature inside the car after all?

Answer: The first, some cars advocate the one car that start opens air conditioning, really inappropriate. General, after the car starts dichotomy clock open air conditioning is compared appropriate. And before extinguishing engine, answer to put out air conditioning ahead of schedule.

The 2nd, not long-term a temperature of lowest of air conditioning park, such life to air conditioning are influential.

The 3rd, the car insolates below sunshine hind, do not want engine of the open on the horse and air conditioning. Car advocate open car window and door first, the cold air outside allowing the hot air inside the car and car circulates, the 3 reopen after arriving 5 minutes open air conditioning.

Ask: Car advocate opening air conditioning to contract air conditioning disease easily all the time, how to do?

Answer: Above all the temperature inside the car is too low, with outside voidance of easy form of bigger difference in temperature moves disease, let usually so mix inside the car measurable difference preserves outside the car can; Should maintain the airy inside the car additionally current, do not smoke as far as possible, move air conditioning into outer circulation.

Returning those who require an attention is, the waste gas that the car discharges has carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, if stay inside air conditioning car too long, will right car advocate cause harm. Proposal car advocate do not exceed half hours in the car environment that close.

Ask: Have a method to reduce oily bad news to allow a car inside cool?

Answer: 1. Normal movement air conditioning; 2. Install film of explosion proof sun; 3. Decorate a few cool mat.

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