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First use ejector by with the car refrigerant circulatory system comes out
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Electric outfit development went use in the refrigerant loop that taking the car air conditioning that uses a car and Che Yongbing case small-sized the system of cold intermediary ejector. This system has been regarded as Feng Tian to appeared on the market in Japan in September 2007 " terrestrial cruiser " select a replacement. Still will be in since October North America, medium the global each district such as South America, Asia appears on the market " terrestrial cruiser " in also will provide this unit.

In the past, the system that car sky mediates the car uses same and refrigerant circulation with freezer uses the flow direction that air conditioning of air conditioning of car of switch of electromagnetism a powerful person is used and cold storage of Che Yongbing box uses cold intermediary mostly. Accordingly, the meeting when use car uses refrigerator produces an effect to the function of car air conditioning. The system that develops this is using ejector to replace before expand a powerful person while, still cancelled electromagnetism a powerful person, can make car air conditioning and Che Yongbing box run at the same time.

Through using can cold intermediary of high pressure of high speed eject, make its produce bulgy ejector, expanding energy of the losing in a powerful person is changed for pressure energy, through reducing compressor negative charge, raised energy considerably use efficiency. Accordingly, higher air conditioning performance and cold storage performance can achieve when use car uses refrigerator.

The system that uses ejector was in by electric outfit 2003 the whole world above all the refrigerator that put into production uses at refrigerant car, and still deploy was in cold intermediary of family expenses nature (CO2) water heater " Ecocute " in. As the system that can raise utilization rate of refrigerant loop energy considerably, this company is engaged in applying its at car air conditioning all the time the research of special and refrigerant loop.