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Performance of air conditioning of auspicious distant view is outstanding 5 minu
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Auspicious distant view because " CVVT motivation world is advanced, china is banner " CCTV advertisement becomes famous overnight, the advantage spread fast of its engine, and the advantage that experience of the author discovered to this car still has to be ignored by people a few days ago: The air conditioning of this car that insolates below the sun can achieve the temperature inside the car and environmental temperature balance inside 1 minute, can make this car drops in temperature after 5 minutes 21 degrees!

The manufacturing base that seizes distant view -- base of auspicious Ning Bo introduces about chief, what distant view uses is air conditioning of automatic constant temperature, what air conditioning of automatic constant temperature configures in 779 yuan car on the market at present is very scarce, and see the model at price of 150 thousand yuan of above more. Air conditioning of automatic constant temperature basically has distant view two big characteristics, it is the effect good, 2 it is automatic constant temperature. Measuring the crucial index with air conditioning whether favorable result is refrigerating capacity and heating capacity, the refrigerating capacity design of auspicious distant view is 5000W, heating capacity design is 6000W, the refrigerating capacity that measures actually, heating capacity is close 5100W, close 6300W respectively. Because the compressor of system of air conditioning of auspicious distant view, evaporator and condenser used superior goods,obtaining such result is, the wing of condenser piece still undertook optimizing designing, make come loose hot area utmost increases. Be in full automatic constant temperature respect, the air conditioning system of auspicious distant view used advanced electronic intelligence to control a technology. Electronic intelligence controls a technology can the opening angle that according to condition of environment of car inside and outside automata sends wind mode, air-blower wind force and temperature air door, the temperature that achieve and maintains set (35 ℃ of 16 ℃ ~ ) , among them 3 4 sensor, air door are carried out implement with central processor (ECU) it is the key that realizes automatic constant temperature, these 4 sensor are sensor of temperature of surface of sensor of sensor of the temperature inside the car, the temperature outside the car, sunshine sensor, evaporator respectively. Pass the data that these 4 sensor provide, after ECU of classics air conditioning is calculated, adjust the suction of wind force of the opening angle of air door of temperature air door, mode air door, inside and outside, air-blower and compressor clutch closes, make the temperature inside the car is achieved maintain the temperature in set.
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