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Performance of air conditioning of auspicious distant view is outstanding 5 minu
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Disclose according to this controller, give the efficient air conditioning that can feel the effect for an instant to give auspicious distant view to make up, in the design of distant view experiment phase ever was as high as many degrees 40 to air temperature, upper grit can thoroughly cook an egg spit rash time had by a definite date the air conditioning of a month experiments, still had the hop-up test of nearly 30000 kilometers in the professional test-drive field of national level. The experiment makes clear, the air conditioning of auspicious distant view achieves design requirement completely, namely when the air temperature outdoor is 42 ℃ , the idle that the rotate speed of engine is 1000r/min when fast condition, back row mid temperature can fall from 53 ℃ inside 5 minutes to 32 ℃ !

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