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Development trend price will show air conditioning of large passenger car to dro
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Be not independent type air conditioning to already made market dominant product

1) buys than independent type air conditioning car and use totle drilling cost is low:

. Independent air conditioning uses two motor, fuel is used up tall;

. Sustainer of independent empty shunting moves in area of high oily cost mostly, produce additional moving cost;

. Car of blame independence air conditioning throws cost to comparative roughly 1~2 of car of independent air conditioning year fuel expenses;

. Car of blame independence air conditioning maintains cost low.

The maintenance of air conditioning of 2) independent type and it is very difficult to safeguard

. Engine of maintenance air conditioning needs very skilled engine maintenance technician;

. The maintenance of engine takes up more time, influence revenue;

. Engine a replacement is obtained not easily, import engine especially;

The quality that 3) is not independent air conditioning is more reliable:

. Independent air conditioning brings about the happening of systematic quality problem more easily in design and installation;

. The drive engine with independent additional air conditioning raised fault rate;

The use fault rate of air conditioning of the buy inside type compares condenser of 4) bottom buy air conditioning carrying buy on the head gets more much:

The buy end · condenser is polluted very easily by the outside;

Installation of 5) independent air conditioning is very difficult:

· takes up traveller box space;

· is in low floor of one class footfall is public transportation go up to find proper installation place very hard;

Air conditioning of 6) independent type increased an engine to pollute a source;

7) is not independent air conditioning to be able to use double compressor system to solve idle fast refrigeration problem.

Gasoline engine, diesel engine and passenger car of double fuel machine select the issue that holds air conditioning:

. Gasoline engine circular principle cannot satisfy Otto the coach that engine achieves high power and tall torque at the same time uses a requirement;

. Be not independent air conditioning to add outfit need engine to offer greater power and idle fast torque;

. But air conditioning of use blame independence is being installed on 8 meters of cars is feasible;

Model of.8 rice above adds outfit air conditioning with gasoline engine still immature on the technology;

. Gasoline engine runs what the condition falls to discharge pollution in opposite high-power often relatively diesel engine is gotten greatly much;

. Diesel engine is started, acceleration visible contaminant is not accepted, the government should direct correctly through code:

. Diesel engine, gasoline engine all has discharge contaminant, the key sees which reach environmental protection level, and cannot whether is treat as the same gasoline engine or diesel engine;
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