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Instruct you one court: The environmental protection of car air conditioning use
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Be used correctly of car air conditioning and maintenance also is protected with annulus closely related. Air conditioning, nature of oily bad news rises, air conditioning of reasonable use car, can save oily save money again, and still can environmental protection. Consolidate snow puts stationmaster introduction on the ice, car advocate when using car air conditioning at ordinary times, if cannot be used correctly,mix maintain system of car air conditioning, make system of car air conditioning is in good moving position from beginning to end, high above in the sky moves systematic occurrence breakdown and will make cryogen release arrive when atmosphere is medium so, produce serious pollution easily to our environment.

The environmental protection of car air conditioning uses a method

1. temperature shoulds not be low. Do not move the set temperature of air conditioning too lowly, the person feels the most comfortable temperature is ℃ of 20 ℃ ~23. Full automatic the car of air conditioning needs to press only on air conditioning face plate " AUTO " key, everything carries computer to finish by the car.

2. jockeys not to grow air conditioning. Stop long open air conditioning avoids as far as possible when sailing, lest the pressure of air conditioning system and temperature are exorbitant, cause the damage of air conditioning system and engine.

3. drives to open a window first. The car that parks for long below burning sun does not want air conditioning of the open on the horse as far as possible, after should opening door window to let the temperature appreciably inside the car drop, reopen opens air conditioning.

4. changes empty filter one year. Should fixed cleanness or change air conditioning filter, because humidity of southern region air is bigger, dirt is more, the car that the proposal uses in southern region changes one year air conditioning filter.

5. has peculiar smell to want vigilant. Answer to keep clear of in time when discovery opens air conditioning to have peculiar smell. Air conditioning peculiar smell basically comes from the evaporator of air conditioning system, cause in damp evaporator surface have many fungus and mould, it makes air gives out unpleasant mildew stink not only, and the health of the member that my wife to the car is ill.

6. nurses look for major to maintain inn.

(Peculiar smell of 1) cleared air conditioning should undertake to professional 4S inn, because much steam can produce when the operation, the operation is undeserved may make lunt splash arrives on car electronic parts, cause needless loss. (2) undertakes to system of car air conditioning regularly examination and safeguard, be like the wear out condition of air conditioning leather belt, condenser / evaporate whether does box surface jam, pipeline whether leak, whether is computer of control of automatic air conditioning put malfunction code waits, this job must undertake to professional 4S inn.

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