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Ace raises action: Expert car air conditioning how drive peculiar smell?
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The summer was gotten on for, the air conditioning inside the car should begin frequent open again. So, how be used correctly and maintain car air conditioning, ability is accomplished hold the working position with air conditioning good system already, is what can you assure to use car person again healthy? The reporter produced benefit abundant to specialize in ask for advice of Yu Weihong of inn workshop director to east wind day a few days ago.

Yu Weihong reminds a car advocate should the habit using a car with correct nurturance, air conditioning is sure to close first before for example flameout. Because Chun Xia is seasonal air humidity is big, the condensation when the water in air is divided in evaporator of course air conditioning becomes water, the meeting is adherent in evaporator apparently, usually, adopt do not close air conditioning the means of direct flameout can cause the moisture in system of empty v wind to put stay, this kind of damp condition suits a large number of mould more cause, this is summertime railroad car inside " smelly sock flavour " or " acidity " the reason of generation, shut air conditioning correctly to be able to make we do not suffer the effect of air conditioning peculiar smell.

Accordingly, before engine flameout, do not be eager to shutting air conditioning system, can cut off air conditioning first, make fan works 2 it is advisable to come 3 minutes, and should set the pattern that take wind inside the loop at this moment, such, wind can blow the evaporator face that does to produce condenser water no longer, the environment that goes be being caused besides the bacterium, peculiar smell won't arise. A lot of cars advocate just often remember after flameout shut air conditioning, this is harmful to engine, start next time in car when, engine can take air conditioning bear to start, high load capacity can injure engine.

If the air conditioning inside the car still has peculiar smell, yu Weihong still teachs the method that enrols drive peculiar smell to everybody. Introduce according to its, use spray pure and fresh agent comes to perfume or air cover peculiar smell not can from go up at all solve a problem, mould group still can be mixed in air conditioning case derive in ventilating duct, contaminative air still by inspiratory body inside, it is we are aware of very hard only just. Disassemble only air conditioning case, clean ability of surface of air conditioning case to solve this one problem thoroughly. Additional, the special sparge that sells on market product, also can help solve this problem.