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Summertime air conditioning is used do not cross these errors often you must kee
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Arrived summer, a lot of people drive to cannot leave air conditioning, the car that is afraid of heat especially advocate people, often get into the meeting inside the car to open air conditioning after all from inside fuggy air, some is in even jockey air conditioning also lets leaving when waiting for a person to perhaps sleep inside the car, such people are to get temporary cool, but be very harmful however to human body health, literally says, occasionally this bit of neglect because of you brings about the likelihood even toxic.

We invited luck of blessing of strange luck car to amount to Lin Zhi of stationmaster of 4S inn service station, tell to us tell there is what wrong way when the summer uses air conditioning.

Wrong 1 jockey air conditioning rests

We often can discover burning hot summer such circumstance, some people stop working wait for a person, park the car in driveway edge, lock door window, open air conditioning, "Enjoy " cool those who bring is comfortable. Have more very person flat opening air conditioning to lie in the car to sit slept to become aware greatly on chair.

Can you be you know? This kind of practice is breakneck. Luck of blessing of strange luck car amounts to Lin Zhi of stationmaster of 4S inn service station to say, when the engine of the car is working, if the benzine combustion in cylinder is not complete, can produce carbon monoxide of tall pH indicator.

The car is when travel, because air passes air conditioning equipment to produce convection, the density of the carbon monoxide inside the car is very so low, but stop when the car and air conditioning continues to open, door window airtight when, the air inside the car cannot convection, if the carbon monoxide of engine eduction leaks take a car inside, can build up gradually and make its chroma elevatory, happen thereby toxic, die even.

Forest stationmaster clew: Car advocate often had better check bonnet and batholith flat, when discovery has waste gas leak inside the car, unfavorable open air conditioning, should not open air conditioning to sleep inside the car more, lest produce risk.

Mistake temperature of air conditioning of 2 random selections

Some is factitious the graph is cool, open temperature very lowly, the feeling appears very bright, but medical personnel tells us, the internal system of such human body adjusts very hard come over, very easy go to the bad, wait like Zhou Yan of arthritis, shoulder, cold.

Forest stationmaster clew: Below normal circumstance, the temperature inside railroad car with differring with external temperature 5 ℃ - 6 ℃ are advisable, so car advocate when adjusting temperature, had better contrast the air temperature outdoor. Have old person or child especially on board, it is better to should control temperature should control temperature in 25 ℃ surely.

3 air conditioning are in the mistake the smoking inside the car

Open air conditioning, light a cigarette chicly next, this is the habit of most man. But such doing,be very harmful to your health. The truth is very simple, because door window is of lock, so aerosol is discharged at a draught do not go out, very the eye that naturally can stimulate you and respiratory system.
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