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Add snow blindly to plant for car air conditioning Yi Longqiao becomes clumsy
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Car advocate: These two days of weather just clear, heated up immediately rise, my car air conditioning appears not quite cold, myself buys snow of 134a of environmental protection cold intermediary to plant add, not quite cold still, what reason be?

Expert: Empty modulation is cold, what basically rely on is cold intermediary, namely the snow that we often say is planted. Usually, car advocate encounter the situation with not quite cold air conditioning, can consider as snow to plant gave out, arrive even repair a factory to ask to add snow to plant directly. This kind of way is completely not actually right.

Besides lacking snow to plant, car condenser fan oil of leakage of tube of too dirty, air conditioning is empty perhaps air compressor leather belt crosses loose metropolis to bring about air conditioning efficiency to drop, make refrigeration effect abate. And increase snow blindly to plant, can cause pressure of air conditioning pipeline too big, cause air conditioning system to come loose instead hot not beautiful occurrence problem.