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Wash out freon in the round
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On September 16, dozenth a " of day of " international ozone. The official of total bureau of national environmental protection says, next year should wash out freon in the round namely, use new-style replace refrigeration agent. Current, the key that replaces the job is pair of new-style refrigeration agents the test test of integral performance, so that obtain reliable labour to choose method and technology character, let freon use an enterprise to know new-style refrigeration agent. The industry such as air conditioning, freezer, car is worth to pay close attention to most

On September 10, from dozenth " international protects ozonosphere day " still have 6 days, federation of China environmental protection summons the expert of industry of agent of refrigeration of home, international, discuss Chinese Freon to replace a major programme of lasting importance. The official of total bureau of national environmental protection says, next year should wash out freon in the round, agent of all industry refrigeration must use new-style refrigeration agent, in order to protect more and more " flimsy " ozonosphere.

Pass from March 1985 " protective ozonosphere Vienna Conventions " and passed in September 1987 " about using up the Montreal protocol of ozonosphere material " since, bittern acting hydrocarbon kind (CFCs) after refrigeration agent is decided to be pair of environments to have undesirable effect, of CFCs replace a heat that becomes international to go up to pay close attention to jointly, the research of new-style refrigeration agent is developed and popularize application, include the country of each country program plan in succession.

Current, developed country, include each country of the United States, Japan, Europe to wait, will used up hydrocarbon of ozonic hydrogen fluorine kind (HFC) refrigeration agent regards metric system cryogen as the product. The developing country that includes China inside, also accelerating replace model the promotion of refrigeration agent and application.

Concerned expert points out, although put forward already,freon replaces a plan, but wait for an industry as freezer, air conditioning, car for, still face the pressure such as technology, cost. And the manufacturing big country that our country is these products, how to guide enterprise and consumer to use the product that do not have fluorine, it is this plan whether the key that carries out smoothly.

Long painful be inferior to short painful although freon is good refrigeration dose, but the meeting after it enters atmosphere destroys ozonosphere, form " empty " . And if the earth did not have the protection of ozonosphere, sun ultraviolet ray will drive straight in, cause serious harm to human body. "The generation of freon, it is the refrigeration agent be caused by that product of a few industry uses mostly, search medicine of new the refrigeration that do not have fluorine so, already became the major issue of extremely urgent. " the controller of federation of China environmental protection is being accepted when interviewing, express.
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