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Nanjing university development goes " Chu Leng " car air conditioning
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Development of Nanjing university expert went to have the car air conditioning of Chuleng function, can overcome a car effectively to hold air conditioning cold heat not all state.

According to Nanjing old course skill is in Introduction Yu Jian, the air conditioning that traditional car carries air conditioning is released and inhomogenous, the power when speed is fast is great, when speed is slow criterion power is little. Become actually when travel of car high speed, a lot of air conditioning were wasted. Because used the special labor cold data of own research and development, although the car stops when travel or rate are very slow, want to start Chu Leng facility only, air conditioning can be released. Air conditioning of car of this kind of Chu Leng carries electricity of air conditioning section than groovy car 25% the left and right sides.