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The car air conditioning that you make you very accurate?
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Air conditioning should be shut first when ● jockeys again flameout
When ● air conditioning is not used, start every week
● should use large wind force now and then
● cleans air conditioning regularly
Car air conditioning is a car advocate people close partner, but if be opposite,it does not understand, this close partner also is met often get into a huff, harm master body even. Experts of a few vehicle maintenance and repair that have experience give broad car advocate the 8 big errors that pointed out use air conditioning.
The error just cleans air conditioning when performance of 1 air conditioning is bad
Some novices always want when when air conditioning result is bad, just remember clean air conditioning, this is incorrect. Zhang Liwei of undersecretary of ministry of technology of service center of sale of car of cropland of abundant of 3 yuan of bridges of Beijing points out, air conditioning filter should change regularly, because of Beijing spring sand and dust is more, catkin waves fly, these metropolises are touched go up in filter, easy develop bacterium, make air conditioning produces mildew ingredient, because this best and annual spring changes afterwards. Additional, condenser also should time clean, and should tear open cistern come down, clean ability complete.
Direction of a place with a draught of 2 empty v moves the error at will
Some cars advocate when using air conditioning, adjust the direction with blowy air conditioning carelessly, this goes against the optimal result that produces air conditioning. Zhang Liwei points out, sink according to cold air, the principle that hot air rises, right way should be, wind gap will give when opening air conditioning up, blast tuyere will go out to be down when opening central heating.
3 whole winters do not open the error air conditioning
The winter of a few areas is warmer, some cars advocate whole winter does not use air conditioning. Car of cropland of abundant of Beijing head steam sells the tensional winter master that serves limited company to point out, long need not air conditioning can bring about its balata to encircle ageing, the lube on each component also meets air conditioning interior desiccate, the fixed air conditioning that start can let each component accept the lubricating of lube, maintain kilter, because this is in,winter air conditioning also had better be started every week.
Error 4 opening air conditioning for long
Some cars advocate often opening air conditioning all the time after getting on a car, tensional winter points out, use air conditioning for long to be able to make condenser pressure too great, this meeting causes loss to refrigeration system, because this uses air conditioning time to should not be too long every time, if the temperature inside the car has reached comfortable temperature, can put out air conditioning, lie between reopen a little while.
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